Mykola Mandziuk Biography

Mykola Mandziuk, born and raised in Dubno, is a dedicated advocate for community welfare, serving as the founder and chairman of the Charitable Foundation of the City of Dubno, “Dobrobut.” With over 12 years of experience in non-profit organizations, Mykola prioritizes youth activities, community development, and the advancement of democratic principles. Under his leadership, Dobrobut has initiated projects aimed at empowering youth, supporting IDPs and veterans, and fostering civic engagement. Additionally, Mykola co-founded Via Regia Ukraine and holds the position of deputy Chairman at the Public Society for the Disabled “Dobrochyn, ” Dubno, further demonstrating his commitment to various causes. Academically, Mykola studied at Rivne National Technical University and the Institute of Leadership and Management of Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, honing his skills to drive change. Through Dobrobut, Mykola envisions a resilient and closely-knit community, characterized by sustainable development projects and a culture of collaboration and mutual support among its residents.

Elizabeth Woloszczuk, was born in the UK and moved out to Tenerife in 1998 where she found her journey on health and self-evolution. Having a background in extensive sales and promotion for various corporate companies, Modelling, TV/Filmwork, is now a Full-Time Mom. With this experience she has a passion to only help the world become a better place by helping the Future Leaders of the World, here in Tenerife.

Cia Angelina Woloszczuk is a bilingual artist specializing in Digital Art, Animation, Writing and Film production.

Having many talents, one being to draw and create characters, is currently working with the project F.L.O.W assisting her skills, wanting to bring awareness to the world to help build a better future

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